Greetings and welcome to Wanderful Life!

Jayce Dyke

Hi, My name is Jayce. I created this space for me to share and discuss about everything from career to travel.

Currently I am a Machine Learning Engineer working in a large(est?)-tech company in the heart of San Francisco, California, where I am fortunate to work with few of the brightest minds in the software industry. This is not at all the career path I have envisioned back in college though, in fact, this is far from it. Along the way, things have been less than ideal for me but somehow ended up at the Golden Gate city. Here in this blog I hope to inspire some of you out there to find your own career path through my experiences and struggles. Also to unveil hidden secrets I’ve learned after doing countless of interviews in that past, all for the sake of paying it forward to the next person getting grilled.

Apart from having a 9-to-5 job, I am a part-time audiophile who loves building stereo setups and home theater system. Over the years, I’ve listened and collected budget speakers that I considered as “best bang for the buck.” More precisely, flattest frequency response, widest sound-stage, and closest to source reproduction for the money. Not everyone is a millionaire, most certainly not me. That’s why I’m here to help inspire building that awesome sound system you’ve been dreaming of, all without breaking the bank!