5 Tips to Ace that Interview

ace the interview

Have you ever had that one interview that went terribly bad? Because I have, and for many times. I don’t know about you, but doing interviews are definitely outside of my comfort zone. I put up my best self, dress nicely, act professionally, and speak confidently. Or at least, try to do most of these. But it hasn’t been all that easy along the way…

In this post, I have compiled 5 of the most important tips to help you ace that interview you’ve been dreaming of.

Get a Good Night Sleep

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This is probably the one that comes up most often: the No. 1 tip to do well in interviews is to get a good night sleep, especially when it takes a full day. Having good energy will maintain not only a healthy physical state, but also a healthy mental state as well to best prepare your mind for the test. The same goes to what type of food to intake, try to avoid the extremes like feasting, starving, or consuming overly greasy food.

Free up your Mind

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As long as you are well prepared for the interview days before the interview day, spending those last few hours to cram may be ineffective as that creates stress and scrambles new and old memories. Take a break, relax your mind, hit up some fun activities. Your mind will naturally flow better when it is being grilled.

Eat Meals as you Normally Would

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Maintain a normal eating habit before and during the interview. This allows your body and mind to function regularly. That means, if you typically eat 3 meals a day at 8am/noon/6pm respectively, you should follow the same schedule on days leading up to the interview day as well as on the day of.

Think of Interviews as “Chats”

Interviewers are just people, they are no different than someone who you find at a coffee shop. Think of interviews as having a casual conversation with a stranger, but on the topic of your skills and accomplishments. It is simply just two people sharing common interests, doesn’t that sound fun?

Remember to Hydrate

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Often when we get in the mood of talking, we forget to take a break to drink up. This is especially true when nerves kick in, most people tend to disregard our body’s needs to drink, eat, and rest. The last thing you want to have is hindering your body to perform at its peak.

Wrapping It Up

What do you think? Anything I missed that didn’t make the cut? Be sure to check out Interview Process that Everyone Should Know to get more pro tips on interviews.

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