5 Things to Avoid in San Francisco

things to avoid in san francisco

While there are many things to do in San Francisco that are for sure memorable, keep in mind of some important notes to avoid in San Francisco in order to make your travel smooth and easy.

Here are the top 5 things to avoid in San Francisco

1. Cover those delicate toes!

baby toes

There is no doubt that San Francisco is beautiful when it comes to scenery and attraction, but when it comes to street cleanliness, you may be in for a huge disappointment. In most occasions, you can spot broken glass pieces, trash from overflowing bins, bottles, or even used needles! If you plan to walk on foot a lot, and likely that’ll be the case, be sure to wear shoes that cover your toes. Protect those precious toes from accidentally stepping on these obstacles and contracting unthinkables. 

2. Avoid attention

man with headphone

With the rising number of homelessness in San Francisco, there is no question that you will run into some homeless people on the streets. Half of them go about their day and mind their own business, the other half engage with provocative behavior. The best way to navigate around this problem is to ignore and move on. By that I mean, for the lack of better word, treat them like air. Provocation is only effective when there is a response, acting sign of acknowledgement. As long as you keep your cool and continue doing what you do, all will be smooth sailing!

3. Keep your eyes on the road, not your phone

keep your eyes on the road

I understand that some people need to look at their phone for directions and such, but for the sake of everyone’s safety, keep your eye on the road when crossing an intersection! Also, be alert of your surroundings while heads down on your phone, it is very common for thugs to come up from behind, slap your hand, and run off with your phone. Or worse, having your phone stolen with accomplices, that’ll for sure leave you even more helpless. A good alternative would be going to the San Francisco Visitor Center and grab a few local maps.

4. Keep out of sketchy areas

Wandering off to the wrong part of the town in any big city is always a huge red flag. This cannot be further from the truth with San Francisco’s own Tenderloin and Bayview-Hunterspoint area. Be extra cautious when you need to get through these areas after dark, it is highly advisable to call an Uber or Lyft to your destination.

5. Skip the driving, go for other alternatives

San Francisco Cable Car

Unless you are one who spends it all, parking in San Francisco charges upwards of $12/hour at popular spots. Personally, that’s an absurd amount I’m not willing to spend. There is also the risk of running into auto break-ins if you happen to find a spot on the street. Instead, consider public transportation many use to get around the town, these include MUNI, buses, BART, Caltrain, or even the famous San Francisco cable car. For example, using the MUNIMobile app (available on Android and iOS) you can purchase a $5 all day pass for MUNI and buses which grants unlimited rides for the day per person. If that’s not enough already, other alternatives such as ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, bike-sharing apps like JUMP, and scooter-sharing apps like Skip and Bird are great ways to sprinkle some fun out of traveling in a small town like San Francisco

Closing Thoughts

Stay safe and enjoy your travel! Be sure to check out 5 must-haves for traveling in San Francisco if you haven’t done so.

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